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Placement of utensils while sharing a plate of food

magnusga | Sep 17, 200902:19 PM

Dear all,

I just had a big argument with my girlfriend with regards to the utensil placement while sharing a plate of food.

2 people share a plate of food, and you have one fork each.

What does established etiquette say with regards to how you place your utensils when you are not eating?

The question is should it be placed with the tail of the fork on the table? Or should it be placed, still leaning on the edge, with the tail of the fork pointing upwards in the air?

(i know that when you are not sharing a plate the rules clearly specify that the utensil should not touch the table in any way)

My girlfriend insists it is disrespectful to place the fork with the tail up in the air, as she is still eating. This makes absolutely no sense to me, as i am not blocking the food in any way.

Thanks you in advance for any input.

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