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Pineapple Talk - How To Pick A Ripe Pineapple


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Pineapple Talk - How To Pick A Ripe Pineapple

HoundDogz | Nov 15, 2012 02:23 PM

I have read Dole and the other pineapple industry authorities try to sell us that green is ripe. Not all green but some green but I am not buying it, literally and figuratively. I've never had a green one that taste good and it's only good tasting if it's ripe. I also grow pineapple in the garden at home and know that ripe is when it's a golden shell. The ones I have grown are Dole and Del Monte which are known as MD-2 variety and I have grown Maui Pineapple which are known as MD-1 or CO-2 as it is now. I have grown a South African Victoria which is a small one and taste great. All of these types taste optimal when picked when the shell gets yellow. I do understand why the pineapple industry seem to fill the stores with green pineapples because if they pick them when they are yellow on the plant then by the time they get to the stores and wait around they will go bad if they are not sold out right away. I do understand that transit from Costa Rica or Hawaii can take a couple of days and a day to process at the plantation. What I don't like is that the industry is trying to convince us that ripe can be green. I never have had a green pineapple that was ripe therefore I never buy green pineapples anymore.

Now on occasion that I have found a Maui Pineapple in the store they are always yellow and obviously they were picked that way, so the Maui Pineapple company has integrity and don't sell green pineapples. Every Maui I had was perfectly delicious. Pineapples go south fast so Maui must have pride in their work and stand behind every pineapple if they pick them ripe and ship to stores. They know they'll sell fast. Like above I said Maui are MD-1 or CO-2 as they are called now unlike the rest that are MD-2 variety. The shell when ripe is yellow but a different shade and maybe a bit of a matt or unshinny finish but MD-2 variety are kinda of shinny.

What about you, how do you find your pineapples in the stores? Find them ripe and yellow or green and tart and not worth buying and eating?

Also if they smell sweet they are sweet or they are old and breaking down inside but not really ripe but fermenting.

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