Pierre Herme designed cookware



Pierre Herme designed cookware

hobbess | Jan 13, 2014 11:25 PM

I was pretty intrigued when i heard that Pierre Herme helped to design some pastry cookware, ESSENTIEL DE PATISSERIE, for Alessi. I love the idea that you could have something both functional and beautiful at the same time.

But, I just don't get some of that stuff in the collection like this mixing bowl:

Can anybody who does a lot of pastries explain this mixing bowl to me.

I understand that they were trying to save a person from using two mixing bowls where you were mixing a few ingredients in a smaller bowl and then transferring those ingredients to mix with more ingredients in a larger bowl.

But, their idea of a mixing bowl with a little hemispherical dent on the side of a mixing bowl seems weird and not very functional to me.

That little dent seems too small to really mix anything in it. And, then the dent seems like it would be ab interference when you were mixing more ingredients in the bowl as some items would get stuck in that little dent.

And, what's up with that orange silicon bump? With that, you can't use the mixing bowl to melt chocolate with that bump.

Is this mixing bowl another Juicy Sarif, something where aesthetics trumped function? At least, Juicy Sarif looked kinda cool in its own way while this mixing bowl just looks like an ugly chicken but.

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