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Where to go with picky eaters who don't know that they are - Montreal

captain_vegetable | Oct 13, 201107:58 AM


My husband and I will be celebrating a major milestone in our lives in about a month from now. We want to invite our immediate families out for a nice meal in Montreal. The problem is: they are all crazy. All of them. And Picky. And Crazy. Here's how (with level of concern rated from 1-10):

- My parents like classy looking places for nice meals. That seems to matter to them as much as the food. (level of concern - 2).
- My in-laws feel awkward in hyper fancy places. My mother-in-law does not like to eat Italian food at restaurants. My father-in-law does not like "Mexican food" or sushi. (level of concern - 2)
- My sister-in-law is insanely picky and kosher. She will not eat meat or seafood out of the house but will eat kosher fish. She does not like "Greek food" and will sometimes scoff at Indian because she does not like "curry". She gets upset if there are inadequate food choices for her. She claims not to be picky. (level of concern - 7)
- My sister-in-law's boyfriend is also picky and kosher. He will not eat meat or seafood out of the house but will eat kosher fish. His pickiness relates to different things than my sister-in-law. He hates Chinese food and does not like most vegetables to the point of being unwilling to try them. He is more easy going than my sister-in-law. (level of concern - 4)
- My husband's grandmother loves to complain, especially about food. She hates any spice (basic BBQ Sauce is too spicy) and claims that garlic makes her burp. She will decide that she hates a restaurant before walking through the door. She is not an adventurous eater. She complains when a restaurant is not classy but will also complain when the prices are too high (i.e. more than you would pay at the average Early Bird Special). She does not like loud places. Basically, wherever we go, she'll hate it. (level of concern - should be 0 but really is 6 because I don't want to deal with her kvetching the whole night, which she will do . . . loudly . . . ).
- My husband and I are happy adventurous eaters. I am a pescatarian (because of my love for shrimp that will live through the ages) but never have trouble finding something to eat. Given our choice of where to eat on an average night we would happily go to India Curry House or the Szechuan place on Guy (mmmm). We have a hot sauce collection. We travel for food and have never left any country saying "that food is crap" (and that includes Scotland). We are pretty much happy with anything. (level of concern - 0)

About the night:
- We are looking for some place special that doesn't feel like its trying too hard. We would be happy to pay $100 per person including food, one drink each (they won't want to drink more than that), tax and tip.
- Given the group, I'm thinking about going to a steakhouse, not overly pretentious French food, terroir food or some type of food that they never have tried so they can't really hate it yet.

I would be forever in your debt if you could help me decide where to go. I love our family, but they are all crazy.


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