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Does the phrase "yuppie food" mean anything to you?

FoodPopulist | Feb 23, 201212:03 AM

There's a joke that "yuppie food stamps" are defined as $20 bills dispensed by an ATM.

If I were a food writer, one of my ideas for a book would be one bashing yuppie food and using it as a lens for a much wider criticism of culture. Which is probably self-defeating because people who eat yuppie food are the most likely to buy books in that genre.

So, what does the phrase "yuppie food" mean to you? I might use it refer to food that I believe is over-priced because of an excessive demand for superficial trendiness. Is this a good definition? A bad one? Should we be using the term more often to label the kind of food I criticize?

Does anyone want to stand up for yuppies and their food?

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