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Photo upload problems

rworange | Dec 7, 201007:02 AM     2

I started having problems this month uploading photos to the restaurant database.

At the time, it was only the Restaurant records with the problem. Since then there are problems adding photos to posts.

I thought I'd start a new topic about upload problems in general. Maybe others who are having the same problem wouldn't read a topic about the restaurant database.

The old post problem noted in the other link was that "Done" would appear at the bottom, but the page hung and the topic never posted.

This has changed as of last night.

Now "Waiting... " appears on the bottom and the post still hangs. However, there is some progress. The topic and photos post, but the screen makes it look like you are still waiting for the topic to post.

After about a half hour, I thought I'd have to start again and then found the topic had gone thru, it was just the screen froze. This has happened on two topics so far.

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