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the perfect... omelette


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the perfect... omelette

TorontoCookingGal | Sep 6, 2004 11:05 AM

butter / oil / both ?

low-medium flame / medium flame / medium-high flame ?

cast iron essential / cast iron overrated ?

for texture add: milk / cream / extra white / absolutely nothing ?

just a quick stir with a fork / serious whisking ?

tips about stuffing? favorite stuffing combos?

speak to me of ideal egginess.

(b-t-w: apologies if these are questions you've seen before. I'm sure there are previous threads devoted to this essential topic, but scrolling through the top 200 hits on my chow-search and several pages of earlier discussions didn't acutally turn any of these up. Links to said threads, should you know how to find them, would also be most welcome.)

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