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How do you tell if people like your cooking?

Momofuku | Sep 26, 201308:17 AM

So, I'm fairly new at cooking and don't consider myself very good at it yet. I can follow a recipe and it turns out well but when I deviate there's huge potential for disaster. I recently made a meal for my boyfriend's friends. They didn't really seem to give any reaction or say anything about the food. When I asked they said it was "good" in a very nonchalant way. But they finished all of it very quickly and even drank all of the soup.

I want to get better at cooking and I know I probably won't get the "omg, this is soooo good" reaction all the time. In a way, I want to feel good about my cooking based on people's reactions and I enjoy cooking, especially for people who seem to really enjoy my food.

I apologize if I seem childish about this, but I wanted to impress my bf's friends...

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