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equinoise | Mar 29, 2011 02:22 PM

I had seen this place several weeks ago on my way into Henry's Taiwan. I am a fan of Malay Satay Hut, and it was obvious that Penang is connected to the Hut somehow, if for no other reason than it featured cut and paste sections from MSH menus, apparently advertising its service of identical dishes. Still, on a first visit Penang's relationship with MSH remains unclear, and the server I spoke with adamantly denied common ownership, but mumbled something about "food...same." Hmmm.

I ordered "Singapore Curry Noodle Soup" to go and was presented with a fairly rich, tumeric-heavy broth and steaming rice vermicelli. While I had never tried the same or similar preperation at MSH, Penang's soup was comparatively light on the proteins to most Hut specials, and I was able to fish out only a few pieces of sliced fried tofu and a shard of cantonese-style BBQ pork. The flavor was well better than adequate, and the price ($6.99) certainly places it on the repeat list for an ID lunch, at which point I will select an item that MSH does offer for a juxtaposition. Penang can certainly use some help on decor and menu simplification. It's paneled walls are covered with a ransom note-style amalgamation of assorted food photos and chalk-scrawled names of different items at various price levels, and its paper lunch menus are two: a badly formatted list of the Malay specials, and an off-the-shelf bi-fold of dull Chinese-American standards that could be offered at every other address in the ID.

Malay Satay Hut
212 12th Ave S, Seattle, WA

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