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Peep Souffle & Meyer lemon Peeps de crème - Favorite Peeps recipe?


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Peep Souffle & Meyer lemon Peeps de crème - Favorite Peeps recipe?

rworange | Apr 5, 2006 11:08 PM

This started to go on the general board after reading how to microwave one of the chocolate Peep eggs to make a Peep souffle.

However, the official Peep website has a recipe for a colorful Peep fondue and a lovely 'Peeps in a nest' cake that even I could make buying an angel food cake, canned frosting and, of course, Peeps.

While looking at Peep Facts (32 calories per Peep), there was a mention that Peep fans even made Peep pizza. So I googled 'Peep recipes"

Well, my goodness. Some ideas

- peep s'mores
- peep-a-boo puffs
- sweet potato cassarole with peeps
- rice krispy peeps
- peeps ambrosia
- baked peeps
- fried peeps
- poached peeps
- grilled peeps
- crunchy peep salad (involves cabbage and ramen)
- peep cornbread
- peep smoothies
- peeps on the lawn dessert salad
- pepper & peeps stir fry
- peeps and sour sauce (well, most sweet & sour isn't that good anyway, why not?)
- Blue Peep Pie (involves Curacao ... introduce kids to liquor)
- Peep Waldorf Salad (more bunnies and booze)
- Martha Stewart’s home-made peeps (Martha, Martha … they ARE cute tho)
- Peeps marinated in soy or teriyaki sauce and broiled (so wrong)
- Peepuccino – Peep dissolved in coffee
- Peep on chocolate bar on graham cracker, microwave 20 seconds, top with 2nd graham cracker
- Meyer lemon peeps de crème

That last one actually is really good looking and charming


This site has links to most of the more popular peep recipes:


This site has its own unique recipes with pictures and is divided into
- selecting your peeps
- basic cooking (how to poach with pictures)
- salads & sides
- main dishes


Today's SF Cronicle suggested making a Peeps ‘souffle’ out of a the Peep in a chocolate egg as follows:

" ... crack the egg in half lengthwise, leave the Peep in the bottom half of the shell and re-cover it loosely with the top. In a microwave-safe bowl, heat the egg on high for 20 seconds and watch it hatch into a fluffy marshmallow-chocolate souffle."

I guess I'm never going to grow up no matter how old I get because I so want to do this now.

I never did the classic Peep in a microwave because ... well, I'd personally have to clean it up. However, the hint to get around this is to spray a piece of waxed paper with pam and place on a plate ... or as someone said ... the 4 P's ... plate, paper, pam, peep. Less of a mess unless the peep explodes. I read this doesn't happen often.

There is a new peep in egg in addition to last year's yellow peep in milk chocolate egg. This year it is a pink peep in a crispy shell.

The Wikipedia link below has a link to the Official Peeps website which is REALLY slow, but has recipes with nice pictures of the Peep fonude and Peeps in a nest cake.

You can also vote for then next peep color. Red seems so wrong. I voted for green.

There's also a great article by Salon inside the Peep factory. One of the ads on the Salon page says "Weep for a Peep? Whine with wine!"

It is just a link to Wine.com. I was so let down. I was hoping for a wine pairing with my Peep. I'll just go with a classic prosecco.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peeps

Image: http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/images/p...

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