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[PDX] Tuk Tuk Thai and Parisi's Gelato....

Nick | Nov 18, 200404:38 PM    

Met a food friend for lunch today and tried Tuk Tuk and Parisi's on Fremont.

Tuk Tuk, apparently, has changed hands recently. Never went to them before, but my experience today was quite promising. The couple that owns/runs the place are from Laos. However, they only have two items on their menu that would indicate that: 1) Lao style house salad, and 2) Lao style som tum. They will serve you sticky rice if you ask for it.

We got the pad thai and green curry lunches. I didn't try the pad thai, but it looked like a nice version with several fresh vegetables. Very generous portion, especially for a lunch. She couldn't finish it all.

I got the green curry with beef which had a nice intensity of flavor, well-cooked and tender slices of beef, and Thai eggplants also expertly cooked. It wasn't a great green curry, but it was quite good and I definitely appreciated their skill with the beef and vegetables.

I encouraged them to put Lao sausage on the menu and they said they're worried that it wouldn't sell. They're very nice and I encourage you to give them a try if you're in the area. btw, Snort, one of their specials was pumpkin red curry.

Afterwards, we went to Parisi's for gelato. They don't make their own. They have an "artisan" maker in Michigan. They do use the traditional paddles, though, and supposedly they can have batches made special for them if they wish.

The flavors were fine. I had half toasted coconut and half candied ginger. There were lots of coconut shavings and ginger chunks. I think that was $3.25. My friend really liked their butter pecan. I'm not sure about the texture. It seemed gooey. Maybe they have to use lots of stabilizers for the big trip west? They didn't taste overly sweet. They just had that Cold Stone gooeyness.

They seemed decent enough, though. Probably no reason to go out of your way for them, but if they're the closest gelato, there's probably not much reason to drive to NW, either.

Link: http://www.extramsg.com

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