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DJ Philosoma | May 1, 2003 11:09 AM

Going to Paris late May to early June. I've been before, but I was solo and skipped the really fancy dining. This time I want to go somewhere nice, but I'm thinking for LUNCH to save dough (a bon vivant coworker of mine encourages the full dinner at Guy Savoy, but at $600 with wine, I just can't do it!). Please let me know your suggestions for a nice lunch and if you can come up with an average price for two with some reasonable wine, that'd be all the more instructive.

I found a PDF file on the web of top France restaurants (from Relais Chateaux I believe) and the Paris ones include Guy Savoy, Michel Rostang, L'Arpege, Les Ambassadeurs, and so on. They mention prices with "s.i." Does that mean service included? I thought the term was sc (service compris = included) or snc (the opposite obviously).

IS service included at fine Paris restaurants?

Let me know the scoop, fellow chow hounds and THANKS!

PS: I've been to EVEREST and TRU in Chicago and want to see if the French can beat these guys at their own game. Those meals were FANTASTIC. L'Espalier in Boston was a distant second to Chi-town haute cuisine!



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