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Pancakes and my cast iron griddle?


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Pancakes and my cast iron griddle?

MarshmellowFlu | Nov 2, 2007 10:59 PM

I have an emeril/all-clad cast iron reversible grill/griddle. It says it's pre-seasoned with a matte enamel surface but I have been trying to season it anyway. It feels quite rough on the surface. It's big enough to fit over 2 burners. I preheat it for ~10 minutes. No matter what I do it seems to be a very uneven temperature across the surface. Even across one pancake! Each is burnt and underdone.

I've tried the trick to see when the water bounces and rolls across the surface but it either zaps off in a puff of steam or soaks in. I use vegetable oil to lightly coat the surface even though Alton Brown likes butter. It seems like everything I put on this griddle gets smoking hot or not hot enough to cook. My cooktop is gas and from the early 80s and doesn't have very good controls.

Is there a good way to check the temperature at different spots across the burner without an infrared thermometer? Is there a way to get this griddle to heat more evenly? Thanks!!

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