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PALAK CHAAT -Rasika's "crispy spinach app."


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PALAK CHAAT -Rasika's "crispy spinach app."

PatrickG | Jan 19, 2010 12:33 PM

Does any one know the (or a similar) recipe for the "Palak Chaat" (otherwise heard as the crispy spinach appetizer) that Rasika is so well known for? I have researched different recopies and have found that each recipe seems a bit different from what I ate at Rasika. The main differences are:

~ Each recipe involves coating the spinach in a thick batter -while at Rasika, there was no batter at all. Maybe Sunderam (exec chef) sort of flash fried the spinach leaves?

~Also it seems that traditionally this dish is supposed to be served hot, while at Rasika it was served cold -and delightfully so.

~Furthermore (and possibly not important) I can’t seem to find the Palak Chaat dish served anywhere else, here, or NYC. (I’ve found Chaat dishes, but no Palak Chaat)

.......any help/ideas/suggestions?

Hopefully all you fellow chowhounders can help........

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