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Oversoaked flounder with sodium tripoly phosphate


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Oversoaked flounder with sodium tripoly phosphate

zackly | Jul 23, 2014 02:56 PM

I bought previously frozen flounder today @ Shoprite supermarket. I should have known better but because it looked pristine in the fish case and was only $6.99 a pound I bought a little over a pound. When I sautéed it, the fish fell apart in the pan even know I handled it gently. If you watch the attached video, towards the end they cook a filet of over-soaked pollock and the same thing that happened to them happened to me today. STP has long been a problem with scallops and shrimp but now it's showing up in filet fish with regularity. There is no easy/inexpensive test to detect its presence (because phosphates occur naturally in all living things) sio it's used with impunity. I know I posted on this subject before about a similar problem I had with some cod from Fairway Market. I made a serious inquiry there but they turned a deaf ear to the whole situation because they want to sell cheap and profitable fish.

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