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Oven timing and other bread-related queries.

nooodles | Dec 7, 200510:55 AM

How do other hounds juggle all their holiday baking? My specific problem right now is that I want to bake a few batches of cookies while I wait for my bread to rise.

When my bread has risen enough, should I toss it in the fridge until my batch of cookies (or something that might take longer than 15 minute cookies) are done?

How do you know when your bread has risen too much? I've had the experience where I left it to rise so long and air pocket near the surface popped. Too long?

Final question: can you let bread rise and punch it down an indefinite number of times? Recipes usually call for two rises, but if I need to can I punch it down and let it rise a third, fourth, or fifth time or will the yeast die?

TIA, and a photo for those of you with hungry eyes. This is poppyseed potato bread. As you can tell, my bread making skills need a little work. Even though i slashed it, the bread cracked along the side (that really white portion).

Image: http://www.jimmyshang.com/peggy/blahg...

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