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Bax | Mar 25, 2013 03:05 PM

I've long been a fan of Gallo Blanco, so of course I'm happy that Doug Robson has opened a new place within 5 min. of my apartment! Had lunch there today and was quite satisfied.

Unlike GB, the chips & salsa are gratis (I preferred the green tomatillo, but both are nice). I ordered the al pastor torta with a side of veggies -- it took a while to get the waiter to explain what the veg offerings were (he spent far too much time explaining how they use local farmers, etc. etc. YES, I KNOW, just tell me what kind of vegetables they are! ha), but once he did they all sounded good and I ended up choosing the turnips.

He brought the turnips out first and oh they were lovely! Little baby ones, with their tender greens. Pan-roasted, I think? With garlic, onion and lime juice. A little bitter, a little earthy-sweet, with that nice hint of acid from the lime. They also had beets prepared the same way (lemon instead of lime); now I want those too! I could see myself going back here to just eat vegetables (actually I feel the same way about Gallo Blanco -- as much as I enjoy the other offerings, I'm always impressed by how good their salads and vegetable tacos & sides are).

The torta was sloppy (in a good way) and succulent -- the pork very tender and moist, with pineapple sweetness (but not too sweet). The bread got a little soggy, but I didn't care because all in all it was really tasty.

I also got a margarita (slightly too sweet but overall good) plus dessert to go (the last slice of lime tart; I took a little taste upon arriving home and it's good though I'd prefer slightly tangier). Spent just under $30, which is way more than I'd normally spend on lunch, but since that included a cocktail and dessert, and I brought half of the sandwich home for later, I don't think it's a bad deal.

All-in-all, a welcome addition to the neighborhood and I look forward to many future meals!

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