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New Oroweat bread: Sandwich Thins

DiveFan | Sep 15, 200909:12 PM

I'm not a fan of Oroweat bread in recent years - overpriced, gratuitous HFCS, no product with measurable soluble fiber, etc.

However, the above product got my attention because I've been looking for something like it. For patties and burgers, I'd like lower calories than a w/w hamburger bun, something that won't fall apart with juicy filling but not a big fluffy mass of nothing; not a imitation telera or a limp pita.

These breads come in regular and whole wheat, lower cal (w/w = 100), higher fiber (5g). They look like a small, thick pita; when toasted the edges curl a little bit (no problem). Oh yeah, now Oroweat is making a big deal about 'no HFCS' in this and other products (like 40 years ago).

So far I've tried them with the usual sandwich meat/cheese filling and veggie burgers. Not bad at all.

Still overpriced - 16 for $2.69 at the bakery OUTLET. BTW the slimy marketeers Leave Off the package weight on these (WHY?) - this one weighed about 24 oz.

Anyone else tried these yet?

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