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OROCHON RAMEN ... good for the soul.


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OROCHON RAMEN ... good for the soul.

ipsedixit | Jul 19, 2006 04:51 PM

Went out drinking with some friends last night and decided we needed a little "cleansing" before heading home ... so off to OROCHON RAMEN in Little Tokyo.

Honestly, if it wasn't for my friend who mentioned it between shots of sake, I would have forgotten all about OROCHON. Haven't been to this place for at least a couple of years.

Anyhow, it's a little cubby-hole of a ramen place in Weller Court that serves basically only ramen noodles (and canned sodas).

Basic marching orders here: (1) choose type of soup based on miso, soy sauce or salt; (2) select level of spiciness; and (3) add toppings.

My weapon of choice? Miso, Level 4 spiciness, and toppings of Cha-Su, Garlic, Egg and Green Onions.

I find that a nice bowl of ramen is always a good way to take the bite out of too much alcohol consumed too quickly - sort of like a talisman to ward off a hangover. The noodles provide a nice filler to absorb the damn stuff and the miso soup is a good way to flush it out of the system, with the salt to replace the lost electrolytes. Is this medically true and correct? Probably not, but it's enough that I believe it works. :-)

A note about the spiciness level here at OROCHON. There is what's called Special Level 2, which basically makes the miso soup the equivalent of a Witch's Brew spiked with enough chili to make Beelzebub squirm. Now, if you can finish Level 2 in under 30 minutes the gang at OROCHON will take your polaroid and stick it up on the wall. Now, if you're insecure in your own taste-bud's cajones, this might be a challenge you might want to take on, but if you actually come here and want to "enjoy" a bowl of ramen, I'd pass ... Level 2 is less of a meal and more of an endurance test ...

Chow away ...

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