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Not About Food 170

I'm sorry you don't like what I ordered, but keep your thoughts to yourself

SamuelAt | Apr 15, 201401:00 PM

I was at dinner last night with 2 friends. "Jim" ordered spaghetti with white clam sauce. "Roz" had a salad with seared tuna, and went on and on about how she thinks white clam sauce is "not good" and you may as well put rubber erasers in garlic on your spaghetti, "Jim" finally blew up and told "Roz" to pipe down about his food of choice. These 2 consider themselves good friends, so I think "Roz" felt confortable speaking her mind on his entree, and her thoughts on food in general. Similar comments were made about dessert choices, and rather than facilitate a conversation about food, it served to make everyone uncomfortable.

I am fine with people having whatever opiniion they want about what I order - to each his own and as long as I am happy with my choice I'm all set. But last night there was some tension and "Roz" did not understand "Jim's" position. The 2 are now barely on speaking terms.

What do you think - is it OK among friends to speak candidly about food choices, or is it just plain rude? Should we care what people think?

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