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Optimal fat content for beef?

FrankD | Nov 16, 200904:40 PM

I was puzzling about this over the weekend. I'd be interested in CH'ers thoughts.

When we buy ground beef, most of us choose lean, or extra lean. Good ol' medium ground beef (20% fat) is eschewed by most, except perhaps for skillet meals like tacos or Sloppy Joes where excess fat can be poured off before finishing cooking.

Buuut... when we go out for dinner, we think nothing of tucking into a nice USDA Prime piece of prime rib, which is usually 25-30% fat. Of course, nutrition sites are never specific, so they don't say whether this excludes the exterior cap, which I suspect most of us don't eat (although I will, if no one's looking). But from at least one steak house's own data, a 1-lb serving of prime rib (454 g) includes 141 g of fat, which is over 30% fat.

So, why the dichotomy? Why do we want our juicy burgers 10% fat or less, but our juicy prime rib 20% fat or more? Thoughts?

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