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Oprah's Show on Past Life Regression and Phobias with Food..

Beach Chick | May 17, 200810:02 PM

Oprah had a great show this week on Past Life Regression.

It was about meeting someone that you have never met before but have this immediate connection with and it can be from a handshake, a hug or even a brief meeting...
(this just happened to me a couple of months ago)

Dr. Brian Weiss states it's based on cellular memory and a past life connection, IMO, does exist...they mentioned that it applies to food as well...food phobias, gluttony, etc..

It got me thinking of my disdain for strawberries..
I never understood why I just can't eat them and I've made jokes about it for years that maybe in my 'past life', I choked on a strawberry or got whacked in a strawberry field..

It's a very interesting topic and would love to know what you Chowhounds think.

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