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"Don't Open That Bag!!!".....because I'll eat the whole thing.


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"Don't Open That Bag!!!".....because I'll eat the whole thing.

bubbles4me | Jul 21, 2008 07:55 PM

Chex Mix....Oh man, (shaking my head) Chex Mix. I try not to buy it, I really do but when the desire gets too strong I fold and buy two. Sometimes it's just the regular other times it's the Bold & Zesty but most of the time I get one of each and mix them together as I find the Bold & Zesty too know, because the regular is all low in sodium and stuff. I've also taken to mixing in Cheez-Its....I don't know what it is but I can not stop eating it! Bag open=Bag gone. I try and stop myself by folding the bag up and putting it in the kitchen...yea that brillant move has yet to stop me! My latest, "issue" with the evil Chex is the order in which I eat them....very OCD, cereals first with maybe a pretzel or one of those rye thingies mixed in, not because I want it but to cover fro the fact that I am stealing all the cereal. Once the cereal is gone I will pick at the leftover pieces sucking all the salty goodness off of them....
Thank goodness they don't make a bag with just the Chex, I would weigh 400 lbs! So what is your Bag Open=Bag Gone evil snack?

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