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Which olive oil is best?


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Which olive oil is best?

Janie | Nov 18, 2004 06:27 PM

Just bought a different brand of Greek olive oil than usual, and not too crazy about it. I usually prefer Greek olive oil because it tends to be stronger and greener in color. Wondering what everyone prefers and for what cuisines? Italian olive oil for? Spanish olive oil? Greek olive oil? I usually always buy extra virgin, and see that 1% acidity is usually considered higher quality than 3%...What do you think is better when you are just tasting the oil itself like in a dipping sauce, or for salad dressings with balsamic vinager, or for heating into sauces?
Sometimes I have found that I like the Spanish olive oil for cooking sauces, but I like the greek olive oil for coating phyllo dough or more delicate applications...thanks for the shared info, and your favorite brands...I use alot of it, and cannot afford some crazy expensive please spare me the mercedes of olive oils!

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