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Mississippi Snopes | Apr 3, 202106:18 PM     3

Toni and I ate this afternoon at Odd BBQ in Chantilly. It's located in the back of an industrial park in a space shared with a high tech brewery (Ono). It was not the usual barbecue place decor, but then it's not the usual barbecue place. The menu is a mash-up of Southern barbecue (slow-smoked, over wood, no gas or electricity), Korean barbecue (which is fast grilled), and Hawaiian.

I suspect, but don't actually know, that the menu is inspired by Heirloom Market Barbecue in Atlanta, which has gotten a lot of national recognition for its fusion of Southern and Korean barbecue.

We had the barbecue pork platter and, oddly, a beef on weck sandwich.

We had only had beef on weck once before, at Schwabl's, which is a famous place in a Buffalo suburb. It's been too long ago for me to compare the two, but I can say that the beef on weck at Odd BBQ is very tasty indeed. It's basically a roast beef sandwich on a salt-encrusted roll with an au jus dipping sauce. It's probably not 100% Buffalo authentic, but we basically inhaled the sandwich, it was so good. We'll definitely be back for this sandwich again. It was not smoked, however.

The barbecue pork is real barbecue with a solid smoke flavor and it was real good (I grade recommended barbecue places on a three-level scale of "good," "real good," and "as good as I've ever had).

Oddly, though this place is a modern fusion restaurant, the barbecue is in the old traditional style in Virginia in which the pork is minced extremely finely. I only know of four Virginia places left that serve traditional minced barbecue -- Allman's in Fredricksburg, King's in Petersburg (if my memory is correct), Weenie Beanie in Arlington, and Pierce's in Williamsburg. Allman's and Weenie Beanie do not cook over wood and Pierce's has badly slipped.

Anyway I thought it was interesting that Odd BBQ is serving traditional Virginia style barbecue. For all I know this could be purely coincidental -- or maybe there is a Hawaiian pork dish that is minced super-finely.

The sauces were the now-usual mix of every regional sauce (white sauce from Alabama, Kansas City sweet sauce, etc.). The two we had (NC vinegar and SC mustard) were nothing to write home about (although the au jus from the beef on weck made a fine addition to the barbecue).

The sides were boring baked beans, which were basically the same as what you get in a can, and a really delicious red cabbage slaw, heavily spiked with vinegar and ginger. There was also a delicious scoop of rice with sweet soy topped with furikake. My wife also had a cheese biscuit (which gets uniform raves on Yelp) and said it was excellent.

The rest of the menu looks very interesting, with items like pit beef, a PBLT sandwich (pork belly, lettuce & tomato), a chopped pork and kimchee grilled cheese sandwich, and smoked pork belly. We got an order of spicy pork belly to go, but have been too stuffed to try it yet.

Odd BBQ has been around for a couple of years, but has been off my personal radar screen and I study local barbecue places pretty obsessively. So I was very pleasantly surprised by this meal, even if the beef on weck outshone the real good pulled pork.

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