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nylon can scratch stainless steel?

Citizen_Snips | Mar 25, 201206:44 PM

I just picked up a set of SS mixing bowls and used what I'm pretty sure is a nylon spoon (it's black plastic) in them for the first time today. After I cleaned the bowl out, I noticed a pattern of scratch marks in the bottom of the bowl that perfectly corresponded to my stirring pattern. Just to be sure, I ran the spoon through the empty bowl in a stirring motion and sure enough, there were more scratch marks.

Does nylon always scratch stainless steel? Should I not be using nylon tools with stainless steel? Do I need a new/better spoon? This one was a cheapo from Walmart.

I realize the scratches don't affect the performance of the bowl, but is there a possibility of wearing through the bowl over time if you keep scratching it in the same place over and over through the same stirring pattern?

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