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Thank you Nyleve and Will Owen -- dinner inspiration


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Thank you Nyleve and Will Owen -- dinner inspiration

Dev | Feb 18, 2006 04:57 PM

We returned from a ski trip earlier this week and decided to postpone our romantic Valentine's Dinner after my husband got sick from some calimari at a local restaurant.

So by yesterday he was feeling better and we decided to make our usual Friday night Shabbat dinner more romantic and I scanned the boards for some inspiration for something other than the usual matzoh ball soup, schnitzel, etc.

I was intrigued by Nyleve's post about deconstructed lasagne, and inspired by the LCBO recipe for a deconstructed asparagus lasagne someone posted. Fearing the bechamel would be a tad too heavy for poor DH's stomach, I changed it to a (slightly) lighter white sauce made from lowfat milk, Wondra, butter, S&P and lots of freshly grated nutmeg and gruyere cheese. I chose not to fold in any whipped cream. The lasagne noodles were 'no boil' sheets I had purchased for the Catalan Spinach Canneloni I made on tapas night (what a great recipe -- will have to make that again) that I boiled in the asparagus water for a few minutes to make it pliable. The asparagus water didn't add that much flavor or color but it might with fresh pasta -- it wasn't bad, though, and certainly was convenient.

I then followed the LCBO instructions for assembling the individual lasagne's, baked them in the oven and plated them individually. They were very pretty, and just the right amount of pasta -- not too heavy. Nyleve, have you tried your open ravioli experiment yet?

As an accompaniement, I followed the technique Will Owen had suggested on a previous tilapia thread to cook a fresh piece of tilapia for my DH. I had just enough almond meal leftover from an Almond Torta (also from tapas night!) so I shook on some S&P and Fox Point seasoning and dredged the fish in almond flour rather than regular. Then I cooked it in a cast-iron pan in sizzling butter for 2 min on each side, then popped the pan straight into a 450 oven for 5 minutes. I didn't top it w/ salsa as recommended b/c I knew my DH would prefer it plain, and he did. He proclaimed it the best fish (perfect consistency) I've ever made for him (he's an easy customer!) and asked me to thank you, Will Owen. :)

These were served with more asparagus (we love it!) that didn't fit in the lasagnes, a fresh challah (of course) and a romaine heart salad w/ beautiful radishes and Florida seasoning from Penzeys.

Dessert was champagne and Leonidas chocolates that friends brought back from Belgium. I have to get those out of the house or I'll be shopping for bigger clothes again!

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