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North NJ: Which of these farmers markets (etc.) has great strawberries, tomatoes...?


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North NJ: Which of these farmers markets (etc.) has great strawberries, tomatoes...?

Ike H | Jun 12, 2006 02:53 PM

I want some good local strawberries and tomatoes!

I live in Newark and work in NYC. I just walked up to the Union Square Greenmarket and was appalled to see the the strawberries are $6 a pint (or $10 for two pints). Highway robbery! (Errrrr, Broadway robbery, more accurately.) But they were giving out samples and, wow, those are amazing strawberries. But I am a frugal human being! I won't pay $6 a pint! Grrrr... although I was tempted.

And the local NJ supermarkets and NYC fruit vendors just have mediocre California strawberries right now. Bleh. I wanna buy local. I was driving through Delaware and got some killer local strawberries and awesome local tomatoes there at a highway roadside market in New Castle a few weeks ago. I thought THEY were expensive, but that stuff was a bargain compared to Union Square! (Even though it all aged very rapidly on the blazing hot drive up the Turnpike that day.)

So I hunted and found this Jersey Fresh website (see link below) but I can't get out of work in time to make it to any of the weekday farmers markets listed here, except on Fridays in summer. Which Friday or weekend ones are the best? Who's got really great local strawberries that aren't ridiculously expensive? I'm hoping not to have to drive all the way down to Somerset County or someplace like that. (In terms of gasoline, $6 a pint would probably be almost as cheap as that.) Is the Montclair one good?

There aren't any supermarkets in the greater Newark area that currently carry local strawbs and tomatoes on a consistent basis, are there?

I sometimes buy lettuce, onions, etc., from the incredibly cheap little fruit and vegetable stores like Mulberry Street Market (at Market St.) in Newark or the place in Harrison near the river across from the PathMark, but they don't usually have local berries or tomatoes. They have crappy tomatoes and middling strawbs shipped in from CA, FL or Canada.


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