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Nonstick wok + high heat....

Bat Guano | May 16, 200808:15 AM

OK, I've got a nonstick wok that I never use, but it has a nice pot-style handle, which is why I bought it. And I have an old iron wok with the two loop handles, and a nice outdoor propane burner and wok ring that can get it as hot as necessary; but it's hard (and rather dangerous) to work with, because of the small handles. Now, the nonstick one will obviously not stand up to the high heat of the propane burner; but what if I burn off the nonstick coating - get the thing red-hot, scorch it down to the bare metal? Then I can use it for high-heat cooking, the way a wok is intended. Is this a bad idea? Will there be residual toxins on the metal? Will the resulting surface be any good for cooking on? Should I just buy another iron wok with a handle?

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