Neat Microwave Cookware

alkapal | Jun 4, 200805:44 AM

1. use my bacon cooker in the micro often for easy and quick bacon! http://www.chefcentral.com/product1.a...

2. a splatter cover similar to this that i got at target: http://www.acehardware.com/product/in...

3. microwave browning plate like this http://www.householdgoods.com/microwa... works great to sear fish.

4. to reheat frozen tortillas, i bought a round clamshell shaped fabric container (made with oven mitt fabric), and it allows the tortilla to warm without the moisture buildup underneath the tortilla, which moisture can gum it up.

i bought it at wal-mart, and it had two sizes in the package -- 12" and 8" diameters. it is black with red trim, red and yellow flames, and a red logo that says "hot". it is also great for warming any bread -- and cooking baked potatoes in the micro.

5. micro steamer, like this, is good for veggies, fast! http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/... this one is a double-decker, but mine is a single level. i'd like this new one!

do you have any neat gadgets for the micro? please share.

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