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Back navigation malfunction again

janniecooks | Apr 9, 201210:21 AM

In the last few days the back navigation has changed when posting a reply to a topic. Previously after a response was accepted, if I clicked on the back arrow at the top of the browser, or right clicked with the mouse and select "back", I was returned to board I was reading. Now, it is necessary to click two times to return to the board. The first click shows the accepted reply and scrolls up to near the top of the page, then it is necessary to click back again. Makes no difference whether I use the right mouse/back or the back arrow - both ways need two clicks. Editing a previously saved post and just reading a topic still works properly with back navigation, it is just on reply where I experience a malfunction

I'm running Chrome 18.0.1025.151 m on a Windows XP machine (XP is fully updated). Last time I had an issue with back navigation, it turned out that a chrome update some weeks later resolved the problem. Is that the case this time?

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