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Mysterious Costco Banana Shortage?

2m8ohed | May 23, 200804:52 PM

I usually buy nearly the same set of staple items every 2 weeks or so at Costco. Milk, soy milk, juice, half-and-half, coffee, bread, bananas... But wait! One day, several weeks ago, at there were no bananas at Costco! Must have been a fluke, we thought. But then the next time, and the next... still no bananas.

Plenty of bananas at Safeway, 99 Ranch, Trader Joe's, and the other stores, so it doesn't seem to be a worldwide shortage. Just Costco. (As an aside, the second cheapest source of bananas seems to be Trader Joe's, at least around here - "here" meaning the Bay Area.)

I've seen some speculation on people's blogs, but nothing conclusive. Anyone know what the story is?

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