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Help with mushroom ravioli dinner ?


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Help with mushroom ravioli dinner ?

Bill | Jan 25, 2003 07:12 AM

I'm cooking dinner for 6 friends tonight, serving mushroom ravioli from Rafetto's. I thought some kind of cream-based sauce would go well with these, so I also bought their "Genovese Walnut Sauce" which contains ground walnut, cream, parmesan, olive oil. But, at this point, it's less like sauce and much more like paste and I need to stretch the quantity. I'm thinking I'll double or triple the amount and make it much more like a sauce by adding.....cream ? more olive oil ? both ? chicken stock ? or, broth from re-hydrating porcini mushrooms, to complement the mushroom in the ravioli ? Also, would you make this sauce in a sauce pan by gently heating the Walnut Sauce base and then stirring in the other ingredients ? or, just mix them all together in a blender ?

Then, I'm trying to think of something to put on top of the finished ravioli to perk things up -- both visually and for the palate. I was considering slivers of roasted, marinated red pepper, perhaps mixed with carmelized shallots. Any ideas ?

Any easy side dishes that you'd recommend ? or should I just serve salad and bread ?

Any advice (or ideas) is greatly appreciated !! You guys always give such great advice.


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