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muffins at Feel Good Bakery -- Alameda


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muffins at Feel Good Bakery -- Alameda

Ruth Lafler | Feb 18, 2005 01:11 PM

Since the Feel Good Bakery opened in the Alameda MarketPlace last year, they've been slowly expanding their offerings and I've been slowly working my way through the line-up.

They started with bread, and their breads, particularly the whole-grain ones, are stellar (their Wholey-Moley is right up there with the best breads produced anywhere in the Bay Area). I've been less satisfied with some of their sweets and pastries: some are very good and some kind of meh.

But they added muffins to the line-up recently, and I'm enthralled: tender and moist without being leaden, and absolutely delicious. The sweet-tartness from the big pieces of dried apricot in the apricot-almond muffin I got this morning is still echoing in my mouth, and I only got the apricot-almond because they didn't have any cranberry-cornmeal today.

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