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Anyone know the name of this movie?

KevinB | Jan 20, 200803:15 PM

Don't know if this should be here, or the "Not about food" board, but I'll let the moderators decide.

I watched a movie years ago that had a scene that spoofed the Kraft commercials of the 60's, where a pair of disembodied hands prepared a meal (using Kraft products, natch), while a calm, male voice-over provided instructions. In the movie, the scene started out so real to the originals, I thought it was an actual commercial. The calm voice-over gives the instructions, and the hands obligingly perform the tasks. But, as the scene goes on for an absurdly long time, the instructions come more and more quickly, and become increasingly complex. Eventually, the hands are shaking fists at the camera, and just throwing ingredients into the pan. It's shatteringly funny, and I'd like to watch it with my daughters. But I can't remember the name of it! Can anyone help? Thanks!

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