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Carrie Landau | Feb 14, 1999 08:13 PM

I had a horrible experience at a prententious, overpriced restaurant called Moreno's on E. 18th Street. I told the maitre d' that there was a huge, dead water bug in the bathroom. A gruesome creature, lying on its back, about the size of my palm.

He sent someone to pick it up, but acted like I was annoying him. I matter-of-factly said I was surprised he hadn't apologized. He called over an equally disdainful young man; he may have been the manager but couldn't trouble himself to say so. He said I was overreacting, that it was just a small bug. These things happened all the time. He was nauseatingly patronizing. Finally, I became really angry and said it wasn't the bug that bothered me--it was their rudeness. I stalked off to the bathroom and slammed the door.
suddenly, there was a loud bang on the bathroom door. I suspected the maitre d'. And lo and behold, when I came out, he yelled at me for slamming the door.

Needless to say, we paid for our drinks and left. Although it's not my style, I reported them to the Health Department and the Better Business Bureau.

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