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Mooyah is fun to say and the Burger Doctor went to try and say it right


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Mooyah is fun to say and the Burger Doctor went to try and say it right

burgerdoctor | Jul 5, 2010 11:23 AM

Mooyah uses the slogan: “Just burgers. Just fries. Just better.”. They do that in reference to that all they do is burgers and fries and they do it well. Looking at their menu it shows that they are not entirely true to their slogan, because they also have hot dogs and shakes, but I must give them that their menu is dominated by burgers.

Mooyah is using fresh never frozen beef for their burgers and they think that the bun-to-meat ratios is important and couldn’t agree more. We’ll see how they do in this review. They also use fresh potatoes and hand cut blanch and fry them in the restaurant.

The place was very clean and light. They offer all toppings for free so they had a form you could fill out when you came in to select all the toppings needed for the burger. The standard Mooyah burger is a double beef burger and you have to order a junior to get a single meat patty burger. I liked the place already! I passed on the form and went straight to the counter to order. I ordered a Mooyah burger with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onion, sauteed mushrooms and the special Mooyah sauce. Cheese and bacon was 60 cents extra each. I also ordered a regular fries with that.

The wait was very short, maybe less than 5 minutes and during that time I could see the staff make the burgers right in front of my eyes. Their kitchen is front row to all that would be interested in their process and it also showed me they had nothing to hide.

The burgers are not super big considering they are double burgers, but they are heavy! The bun-to-meat ratios is just right: the bun is sturdy but not very large. So you get a lot of taste from the important part of the burger: The meat and the toppings. Their bacon is very tasty and the cheese was present but not overpowering. The grilled mushrooms and onions just make this burger so much better and reminds me of the burgers from Five Guys (see review here). The meat is very flavorful even though they are cooked well done. This is a great burger with lots of taste and it is filling as well. The fries are not anything special. I would rate them just over average. It’s a petty since Mooyah is doing the right thing making the fries from fresh, but they are just not up to par for home made fries. They look and taste good, but they are too soft and soggy for my taste.

Mooyah has a great concept that I support 100% and their burgers are very good and a great value for the price. Their service is awesome and super fast and their restaurant is a nice place to dine in or you can take out as you like.

One thing I would like to notice is that Mooyah allows you to place orders via text message and online and schedule a time to pick it up. Very nice feature!

See all the pictures at

Mooyah Burgers & Fries
6400 W Plano Pkwy Ste 100, Plano, TX 75093

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