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Monthly chowhound lunch/dinner?

phedre | Feb 2, 200802:31 PM

I've noticed a lot of people posting that they haven't had an opportunity to try XYZ restaurant yet but would really like to, so I thought I'd see how much interest there would be in a monthly lunch or dinner.

If you are interested, send me an email at phedre@gmail.com and the following information:

- if you'd prefer a lunch or dinner meet up, along with a day (eg: Saturday brunch, or Friday dinner); this may change as the whims of the group dictate.
- Your pick for the first restaurant you'd like to go to and for which meal (Eg: brunch at Bazaar Anise, dinner at Cinqueme Peche)
- What kind of price range you'd like to see based on main courses ($20? $40?)
- Whether you'd be alone or bringing someone

Feel free to make any suggestion you want! This is all about trying new places and having fun.

Ideally I'd like to arrange something for the fourth week of February. My plan is to ask for suggestions on restaurants and call for a vote on the top three spots named. The most popular spot wins and I will then make a reservation.

I will also limit this to 8 to 10 people at a time to keep things manageable. If more than 10 people respond, I will employ carswell's hat technique. Once all the details are worked out, I'll post a follow up announcement.

Note: please don't post in this thread, as the chowhound etiquette for organizing events is to have all discussions take place offline.

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