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Hi I posted a long post about Montgomery over a year ago- the markets are still around, but alot of restaurants have moved out, and some new ones have moved in. We ended up loosing the Peruvian place over the last year and I just heard Hotel Talisi quit serving the buffet, which is sad. I put together a google map of Montgomery locations of interest that can be found in the list here:

Arirang Restaurant
Still the best korean in town- and the only one with grills and karaoke on friday night. They have specials this time of year- the beef tartar called Yuk Hoe which they may be out of at this point- but it's a must. I go there as often as I can

Green Papaya
I usually try to go with the laos style dishes here like the lad na or the som tam. If you get it laos style try going milder than you normally would. I usually order it medium and I love spice. You can order stuff on the side like peanuts and cilantro.

East China
Hands down the best chinese in the area. They ride up and get Ho Fun Noodle from Atlanta which is great. Sometimes they have chinese long/rope/snake beans. They sometimes have asian eggplant. Their whole fish is recommended but it helps to call ahead. I usually skip the wontons they serve in the beginning, but their home-made mustard is a must.

Cafe' Jubilee/Bud's Restaurant
Buds and Jubilee are owned by the same person and under the same listing. I don't go to jubilee much- kindof got burned out on it. I would still recommend it for seafood in the cloverdale area. Buds is a sports bar and they do some the best kobe beef burgers and freerange chicken sandwiches in town.

City Grill
City Grill itself is sortof stiff but they share a kitchen with the bar next door called 'next door' and that's usually where I'll sit. They have carpaccio and small plates.. but their specials are usually great as well. I have never been let down there.

Esperanza Taqueria
This is my favorite Taqueria in town. I usually get the poblano and load it up at the complimentary side bar. Their menu has recently expanded so check it out. I come here sometimes on the weekends for tamales, pozole, and menudo. Their tortas here are on the right type of bread, which I like. Cantero on anne is still around, but once they started europeanizing I kindof pulled back. I have friends that still swear by them though. I believe cantero is the place that owns the tamale van that drives around capitol heights sometimes- and has the banana leaf wrapped ones. I could be wrong about that though.

La Michoacana
This place has a location in montgomery and wetumpka, but the wetumpka branch doesn't serve tortas. The montgomery one does- on bread that I've had cubanos on before. They press them.. my buddy always gets the cuban. There's specials on the weekends as well. Barbacoa, etc.

Capitol Oyster Bar
Service here can be ridiculously slow and they get your order wrong sometimes but you aren't going to get closer to the oyster house beach vibe than this place when the band is kicking on the back porch, and you have a mess of roys in front of you. I like aw shucks a little better for quality- but this place will do in a pinch.

Olive Room
I've heard mixed reviews of this as of late- service and food quality. It's still got the best style in town.. perfect for a romantic time. They used to have jazz on friday nights- not sure if they still do. Nobles next door is good as well. I like their specials.. lollypop lamb chops sometimes. The owner is a great guy and loves what he does.

Capitol Inn
This is a buffet style place in the inn. They have daily themes- like I think wednesday is meatloaf day. The food is good for the genera. I believe they also do a breakfast- and there's a nice little view of montgomery's downtown from the pool there.

Capitol Grill
Another greasy spoon- but one of the few here in montgomery for breakfast options.

Destin Connection Seafood Market
This place is great for buying gulf seafood to cook at home- occasionally I look in the freezer for quail and rabbit. They do a lunch business of fried seafood and fish sandwiches.

Flip's Uptown Grill
This is another breakfast joint- haven't actually tried but apparently an old montgomery institution and worth hitting up for eggs.

Wagon Wheel Cafe LLC
This place is a downright dirty greasy spoon over by the base. It will do for chicken gizzards and eggs in the morning.

India Palace
I love this place for dinner with a group so you can try lots of things on the menu. This is a northern indian place but they do some southern indian dishes, and also some indian-chinese stuff.

Luna Tapas
One of two new tapas places in town I have yet to try, but have heard positive reviews.

Number Sixteen at Hampstead
The second tapas place that has just opened- lots of friend say it's worth checking out.. will follow up

Island Delight
I love west indian food but don't really know where else to get it other than this place. She does a great job- has kindof a meat and three set up, but you can get anything inside of roti if they have it- there's meat patties and coco bread as well, and you can get veggie patties too if you call ahead.

Raw Life Foods
This little place is a mystery-- in a chiropractic place.. in a lawyer's office.. But they specialize in raw foods which is great. Mostly little salads and wraps- some cakes. Looked good. Can't imagine it'll be around for long though.. didn't look like they were getting much business last I was in.

Natural Gourmet
I don't go to this market much because they don't have as much as healthwize- but it's a good one to know about for dry bulk goods if you need to stay on that side of town.

Health Wise Foods Inc
This is where I go for all organic produce, wines, and health food products. They have had in the past some great alternative meat selections like salmon sausage, buffalo, and ostrich steaks. They have a good selection of macrobiotics and asian organics such as natto chutneys, misos, and the like. I like the owners alot too. They're great guys.

Bismillah Hallal Meat
Bismallah is about the only place I know for Halal anything around here. It looks like they have been cutting down on their stock lately- I notice less breads and meats in the freezer- and they didn't have any fresh produce last I was in.. hopefully they'll pick back up in the summer.

Pepper Tree Steaks & Wine
This is where I go for prime beef- they have it in stock. You can get a whole loin for around 100 dollars last I checked. Good wine selection.

Oriental Market
There are three markets called 'oriental market' in montgomery. One is on madison and caters to more chinese patrons I think.. one is on coliseum and is more laos. And then another laos one on Federal by the old ala thai I believe still to be open- but I get a little claustrophobic in there. I go to the one on coliseum all the time. Great place and a great family that runs it- super helpful.. and where else are you going to find mangosteen around here?

Seoul Market
Korean market with everything you need from the great korean washcloths to frozen tuna and other fish.. mackerel and croaker. Good produce- sweets- a nice video selection- and they make the panchan fresh in the back. The lady who makes the panchan has always been really friendly and helpful to me.

El Chido
Probably the most extensive hispanic market in town. Good selection of produce- a butcher in the back with a small taqueria. Good selection of cheeses and dried chili. Can't compare to los palmas though as I haven't been.

Las Plamas
Couple of locations of this hispanic grocery that I haven't tried yet- apparently it's where el rey gets its rotel and other california mexican ingredients.

Yellow Hammer Restaurant
Best Restaurant in Alabama? I'd say so. Their menu is incredible and if you can check out to see if there is an event happening at Standard Deluxe across the street, make a reservation and go to yellowhammer. At one of the Standard Deluxe events they had a vendor selling pork cat pork: pork, catfish, and more pork- on a stick. awesome.

Aw Shucks
This little oyster bar sits just this side of the montgomery/elmore line- so I think they can serve on sunday. They have a good oyster provider, and the place reminds me alot of a beach bar. Live music sometimes..

Our Place Cafe
This is a nice little romantic place. I really like the atmosphere although the young hostess has been rude on a couple of occasions. The best Wetumpka has to offer as far as fine dining is concerned.

Chicken Shack
I love chicken shack! I love the lady that owns chicken shack! This is the real deal fried chicken and sides place.

Jim's Restaurant Inc
Greasy spoon truckdriver joint that is open 24 hours. One of only places that is! I prefer this place to huddle house or waffle house- but that's not saying much. They do a good breakfast on the weekends but be sure to get there early. I've gotten there a few times where they are out of biscuits, grits, and eggs but there is still a line of church zombies out the door.

Marchelle's Bistro
This place looked really promising. I stopped in for an espresso and dessert one night. They have a good looking menu and the atmosphere was right with live music- romantic. They do a brunch as well which looked great. Best place to eat in prattville? Maybe..

Hotel Talisi
Why did you stop serving hotel talisi? I miss you.

Quality Food Mart Alabama
At this little place you can stock up on milk jugs full of draught beer, there's great biscuits early in the morning, and they have a little meat counter in the back.. I've noticed frozen quail and venison in the front freezer..

Kentuck Festival
Great art festival in northport with food vendors- definitely worth checking out..

Okra Festival
how many ways can you eat okra?

Kenan's Mill Bluegrass Festival
Just recently went to this and it was really rewarding. There was a vendor there selling hoppin'jon which was spot on, and you can donate 4 dollars and get a bag of flour from the water driven mill that you just watched being ground. Nice!

Red Root Farm
I used to subscribe to their organic community supported agriculture box that they deliver to el rey once a week- it's totally worth it for a family or a couple of two cooks..

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