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Monrovia's Friday Night Farmers' Market - just keeps getting better & better...


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Monrovia's Friday Night Farmers' Market - just keeps getting better & better...

WildSwede | Mar 18, 2011 10:46 PM

Went tonight after not going for about 2 months. I know that it definitely picks up during the spring and summer, but this week was probably the best showing of that that I have seen in years. First stop, allways, since they sell out, is my favorite shrimp cocktail vendor, Tommy. 2 to go - thanks. Then I bought some organic kale and an artichoke. Across the way is my favorite heirloom tomato vendor, so I got a few of those.
Then I see a new stall. Hepp's Salt Barrel - Gourmet Salts. Jackpot!! Brian Hepp is the proprietor and he has a fabulous selection of salt. Cooking salts: Sel Gris, Pink, Rose, Alaea, etc. Smoked salts: Applewood, Alderwood and Hickory smoked sea salt. Finishing salts: Cyprus Flake, Habanero, Hiwa Kei, Black Truffle, Thai Ginger, etc. And then my eyes fell upon it: Ghost Pepper Salt. SOLD! He tried to get me to taste it before I bought it, but I know what GPs taste like, but I talked another guy who was standing there to taste it and he immediately bought one. He has small baggies of the salts and they are $5 each. He also has cute jars that you can buy. Visit: It was his 2nd week at the FM.
Then I look across from him and I see a banner with words on it that I have never seen at this Farmers' Market - HOMEBOY BAKERY. Yup, you read it correctly. They are there selling all their delicious breads and desserts. How great is that? This was the first week that they were selling there. I asked the guy which bread was his favorite, and he told me and I bought a loaf. He did say it was the most expensive one they had (it is made with merlot) and it was $8. They had several types of breads, muffins and pastries. I am so glad to see them there. Great to support them.
It is always nice to see Lisa at the PastaMore stall - they sell the most fantastic-tasting flavored olive oils and vinegars. My particular faves (and those that I currently have in my cabinet) are Fig Balsamic, Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and Citrus Balsmic. Their balsamics are highly condensed so they are really thick and really flavorful - a little goes a long way. Today she had some new ones: Jalapeno Olive Oil (you can taste all of them) which has a slow low burn and a Pear either oil or vinegar - cannot remember which, but it was wonderful. So many different flavors. Fabulous.
I also noticed a stand that was called something like Fry Guy and they cook fries with all types of seasonings and dips/sauces. A lot of people were buying them.

Monrovia Farmers' Market and Family Fair
Friday nights - 4pm - 9pm
Myrtle Avenue, north of the 210
Lots of booths selling food items, fruits, veggies, honey, nuts, olives, candy, etc. also BBQ and funnel cake booths and some with jewelry and one guy that sells the most awesome foldable wooden patio furniture. Absolutely gorgeous. So much to see, so much fun to be had! ;-)

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