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A Modest Proposal - Menu Posting


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A Modest Proposal - Menu Posting

Barry | Nov 6, 2000 08:00 AM

While vacationing in Europe, I greatly appreciate the required posting of the menu outside the restaurant. What a simple,obvious but tremendously helpful service this provides to the dining public. Why can't this practice be required in the States? It is cost-free to the restaurant and, assuming they offer a menu they are proud of (okay, that's a BIG assumption)it would be in their interest to promote their restaurant in this way to potential patrons. It seems a bit surprising that the United States, supposedly a leader in "consumer rights", lags behind in "diner's rights"! The obvious answer may be that the restaurants want customers to walk in and be seated, before they "spring" the menu upon their captive audience. It's time to revolt!

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