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Mock apple pie & other oddities

berkleybabe | Jun 20, 2001 02:44 PM

I'm enjoying the baby shower posts with all the vintage 60's cocktail and jello recipes. I've always been curious about Ritz cracker's "Mock Apple Pie." As a kid I found it amazing that anyone would go to that trouble to make a pie and specifically use crackers, not fruit. Anybody ever try it? The hot dogs in gelatin recipe left me howling (from the horrible foods link.) Reminds me of a college luncheon I was at. Last in the buffet line, and the only items left were parker house rolls and a lime jello mold with --honest to God- corned beef. Never found out if this was a joke....
Also just flashed on straws that contained strawberry or chocolate flavor--as you sipped, the milk was flavored on its way through the straw...

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