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Misuses of the Not About Food board


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Misuses of the Not About Food board

jrvedivici | Feb 6, 2013 08:32 AM

Perhaps I’m off base with this and if I am I’m sure plenty of you will let me know. However I have a genuine concern regarding the use of the “Not About Food” board. The majority of the threads on that board are exactly what they are intended to be….chat or conversation regarding topics revolving around food but not directly involving food which is fine.

I just find a problem with several posts I’ve read on that board regarding topics such as “I think I have food poisoning what do I do?”, “I think I gave my room mate food poisoning” or more recently is a post about (what I assume is) a college age girl living in a dormitory who had a conflict with a food delivery person and is now concerned for her personal safety.

It seems to me that when people are seeking medical advice or personal safety issues they are straying way off the topic and intent of the spirit of “Not About Food” board. I routinely see people offer advice regarding food poisoning which on the surface can seem accurate or correct however I always comment on such topics that none of the responses should replace proper medical diagnosis and follow up.

To think that there is a girl out there truly concerned with her safety after an altercation makes me sick to my stomach (as a father of a college age girl myself). The fact that she is relying on a post on this site I think is a HUGE mistake even though most of the advice was correct, notify campus security. It’s just I think with all the moderating that goes on this site the Mod’s might want to notify these type of posters that Chow is NOT the most reliable source of information regarding illness or personal security issues.

Am I making sense? It seems people are over reaching the purpose of this board/site and should be directed towards more appropriate places for questions that can literally be life threatening.

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