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Can this mistake be turned into something useful besides flypaper?

Bokchoyfan | Mar 4, 201206:30 PM

Hi, I was able to get a large bag of key limes. I had this vision to make candied key lime slices. Well, I didn't quite remember the recipe and I tried to be creative -and kind of take a short cut. So, I boiled the key limes in water and threw out the water 2x. The suggestion was to do it 3 times or until the water stoped tasting bitter from the pith. Well, after the 2nd time, I took out the key limes a drained them. Then I took a bunch of sugar and started to heat it. Then gently added the key lime slices and covere them with sugar. Then let it sit, and stirred occassionally. Then I pulled out the sugar coated limes from the pot and put on a silpat. sprinkled with more sugar crystals. Popped into the oven at about 12odegrees. The slices look pretty and tast pretty good. On the other hand, I was left with a large Le creuset pot full of almost carmalized sugar and water. I cooked it down to carmel. It had a little of the sourness so I added more sugar. At some point it seemed I could candy anything in this stuff so I tried a can of pineabble chunks with the juice. Now I'm stupped about what to do with all this and how to store it. It is kind of like an adult burnt toffe. I suppose i could form it in something and add sea salt??? Anyone have any suggestions?

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