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Military "MRE" Meal


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Military "MRE" Meal

wayne keyser | Sep 14, 2008 10:47 AM

I just had the opportunity to sample what our soldiers eat in the field (when away from camp). Thought it might interest you.

This "MRE" (Meal Ready to Eat) was marked "Beef Enchilada". It comes in a hefty tan plastic packet, containing (I hope I list it all):

Entree and Vegetable (refried beans), each in a foil pouch in a cardboard box.
Heating device (plastic pouch with heating cell on card, printed with instructions)
Condiments (in this case, picante sauce and cheese spread)
Drink mix pouch (lemon-lime powder)
Dessert (large cookie, white chocolate chip & raspberry, in packet)
Soda Crackers (generous portion in packet)
Spoon (olive drab plastic)
Accessory Packet (Taster's Choice, sugar, salt, matches, moist towelette, mint)
Bag to heat water for coffee

You slip the entree pouch into the heating bag and fill with water. A chemical reaction produces heat - in this case, vague warmth. After the recommended 15 minutes I plated the food and gave it a try, with mixed results.

Enchilada:- might have been edible if warmer. Sauce mysteriously sweet. Picante sauce pretty good and had a punch. Cheese spread might have helped if it had gotten hot (it wasn't mentioned whether the cheese was meant for the enchilada or the crackers).

Refried beans - not bad at all, nice flavor and texture, enough to satisfy.

Cookie - quite good for a packaged cookie.

Drink mix - I didn't try it, or the crackers.

All things considered, if the soldiers are better than me at getting some heat into the meal, they're getting fed better than my dad described old-time MRE's.

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