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Michiiip Crawfish Boil Recipe

michiiip | Apr 8, 201610:40 PM    

Inspired by my many visits to Boiling Crab, Hot n Juicy, Crawfish Hut, etc!!!

:: 50 Quart Seafood Boil Pot – For 35 LBS of Crawfish ::

Stock Pot:
Water (fill the pot to middle level)
3 Whole Lemons (cut in half, squeeze juices into pot, then drop into pot)
3 Whole Oranges (cut in half, squeeze juices into pot, then drop into pot)
1 Whole Celery Stalk
1 or 2 bags of the Louisiana Spice Bag
2 cups Louisiana boil seasoning powder
2 - 3 Bay Leaves

Liquid Seasonings:
Margarine or Butter (16 sticks of butter/margarine or more if you love it)
1 Cup - Crawfish Boil Concentrated Oil
½ Cup - Hot Sauce (any kind)
½ - 1 Cup of Lemon Juice
Vegetable Broth (2 large containers)
Orange (1 large bottle) and/or Pineapple Juice (1 large can) – You can double up on one or the other.

Dry Seasonings: (Mix in a bowl)
2 Cups - Louisiana Boil Seasoning Powder
1/2 Cup - Original Old Bay Seasoning
1/2 Cup – Cajun Seasoning
1/2 Cup - Chicken Bullion or Mushroom Powder
1 Cup - Lemon Pepper
½ Cup - Paprika
1 Cup - Cayenne Pepper
¼ cup to 1 Cup - Dry Thai Chili Powder (optional: use any amount you prefer)
2 Cups Sugar

4 Large Yellow Onions Chopped
2 large Jars of Pre-minced Garlic or estimate a bowl of fresh chopped garlic
Whole White Mushrooms (As many as you like: I used 2 packs)
Red Sausages (As many as you like)
Whole Ears of Yellow Corn (As many as you like, then cut in half to make smaller pieces)
Small red potatoes
Shrimp (unpeeled with head attached)

Step 1: Prep Live Crawfish
Wash live crawfish in large cooler until water runs clear.
Make sure mud, grass, and any dead crawfish have been removed.
Soak live crawfish in cooler filled with water and add 1 cup of salt . Soak for at least 1 hour. Change out water if it becomes murky. (This process will purge the crawfish of any impurities....the poopies!)

Step 2: Make the Sauce in Separate Pot from Stock Pot
Melt margarine/butter in a large pot separate from the stock pot
Heat margarine/butter until appearance on top is translucent
Add chopped garlic and onions
Let it cook in butter until garlic and onions become mostly translucent as well
Add all liquid seasonings into butter mixture and stir
Slowly add dry seasoning mixture into butter sauce
Adjust according to your taste preferences. (I will add 1 cup at a time and taste)
Add more of any particular ingredient if you want a stronger flavor.
if it becomes too salty, add more sugar, or balance out by adding more veggie broth or water into the butter sauce.
All my family members prefer extra spiciness, so I usually add in more Thai chili pepper flakes to the batch at this time.
The sauce is done! Set aside.

Step 3: Prep A New Pot for the Stock:
Add all the ingredients from the stock pot list into a new pot
Add red potatoes (takes longer to cook than the rest of the veggies)
Bring to a boil

Step 4: Cooking Crawfish
Drain water from crawfish cooler and rinse a few more times.
Scoop crawfish into boiling stock pot
Add mushrooms, corn, and sausage into pot at this time as well.
With lid closed, let crawfish and veggies boil on high for 10 minutes (let water come back to a boil before beginning the 10 minute countdown)
If you have shrimp, I would add them in during the last 2 minutes of boiling.
Once 10 minutes have passed, transfer cooked crawfish/seafood and veggies into clean cooler.
Pour some of the butter sauce into the cooler. Make sure the crawfish is coated with the sauce.
Begin boiling your next crawfish batch and start the 10 minute countdown again.
Transfer cooked crawfish into cooler and pour more sauce on top.
Repeat process until all crawfish/seafood have been cooked!
Let the crawfish soak in the cooler for at least 30 minutes before taking it out to serve to guests.

Step 5: Eat!
Scoop cooked crawfish/veggies onto large aluminum trays and serve! If you have leftover sauce, you may pour it on top of the crawfish again!
Add extra chili powder onto crawfish if you want more spiciness!
You may also serve the crawfish in individual plastic bags like how the Asian Cajun restaurants do it!
I found my plastic bags at Walmart in the Ziploc bags section
I had to double bag the crawfish, because the bags were a little bit thin. I like this idea because the sauce can continue to soak into the crawfish as you eat! 

If you are making a small batch (under 15 lbs), you can use 1 pot for the boil and sauce. You can make the butter sauce, and then add in the stock pot ingredients into the same pot afterwards. Don't forget to cut the recipe in half! For a small batch, I would tone down on the Louisiana Boil Powder. It makes everything very salty. I think max 1 cup for the overall recipe is fine. For more of the traditional Louisiana aroma, try adding more of the Louisiana Concentrated Oil or another Louisiana Spice Bag.
If you are making a large batch (over 35 lbs), you will probably cook the crawfish in many batches. I recommend doubling or tripling the butter sauce recipe. The more sauce you have, the better it can soak into the crawfish bodies! Good method for parties. The crawfish will continue to stay warm and deepen in flavor throughout the day.
For a thicker butter sauce, add at least 1 cup of flour, mix in with cold water, and pour into butter sauce. Cook thoroughly. This will help the sauce cling onto the crawfish bodies.

As long as you have these list of ingredients, everything should turn out great :) I’m always experimenting and altering my ingredients, so hopefully this one can serve as a guide on how to make an umami crawfish boil right at home!

Always taste before serving!

Please share this recipe with those who would love to try it!

Your foodie pal,

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