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What to do with all these meyer lemons?

masterplan | Jan 28, 2012 11:09 PM

first of all, i'm new to the board so hello.

that aside, it's that time of year again, meyer lemon time! so, what are you all doing with them? so far i've tried this:

Meyer 'Ti Punch
2 oz rhum agricole (also tried with barbancourt)
0.5 oz fresh squeezed meyer lemon juice
Cane syrup to taste

preferred the agricole version (de paz).

Meyer's Last Word (basically a last word subbing the meyer lemon for lime juice)
0.75 oz gin
0.75 oz green chartruese
0.75 oz maraschino
0.75 fresh squeezed meyer lemon juice

this went surprisingly well. somewhat removed the bite and mellowed it out a bit for for me. very pleasing color too.

clearly im just subbing in for limes where i think it might work. has anyone else tried anything, or gone so far as to actually get creative?

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