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Menu Malapropisms

Warthog | Aug 3, 2005 06:29 PM


I'm not talking about mangled or redundant listings in foregin languages, such as the ever-popular "soup du jour of the day", or grammatical quibbles like the proper use of quotation marks or apostrophes. I'm talking about the sort that fall in the category of "You speak the language - what were you thinking?"

My two favorites, with names of restaurants removed to protect the guilty, um, stupid, um... well, whatever they are:

Item one for your dining pleasure -
Marylin crab cakes
(as opposed to "Maryland" crab cakes)

One wonders if they were previously called Norma Jean crab cakes before they became popular
I've also seen Merlin crab cakes listed (and not in a medieval, magic, or King Arthur themed restaurant, either), though that one wasn't local. Given the Baltimore accent, one can see how this mistake might have gotten made if the menu listing was conveyed to the printer over the phone.

Item two: Grilled salmon on a bed of mescaline. This one was dished up in Annapolis.

One wonders if any Middies failed their drug tests as a result! (For those not from Maryland, Annapolis is home to the U.S. Naval Academy - "Middies" = midshipmen, the proper name for students at the USNA)

Of course, they meant mesclun, but I was laughing all the way through the meal, with the waiter getting increasingly worried as things went on. It was one of those moments where some non-descript thing just set you off laughing uncontrollably, and you can't stop. I think it was the mental image of the outcome if the menu was in fact accurate that amused me.

Anybody else have ones that they have found amusing over the years?

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