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Help with my menu?


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Help with my menu?

Deenso | Sep 30, 2002 03:25 PM

I’m preparing a family dinner for 5 nieces/nephews (4 married, 1 unmarried) in 2 weeks and my guest list has suddenly increased from the original 9 to 17! Seems that, when their children found out I was cooking, they decided that they could put up with one more family dinner and even bring along a spouse and a friend or two. While I’m hugely flattered, I’m also flabbergasted!

My original menu was going to be oven-roasted pork shoulder, Puerto-Rican style stewed chicken with rice and beans (also peas, asparagus & pimento) and a red velvet sheet cake with tons of candles on it. (We have 4 birthdays to celebrate.) One guest is bringing the makings of Caesar salad, another a cucumber salad, and yet another, garlic bread.

Now my husband is considering renting a rig and doing a whole roast suckling pig, instead of the pork shoulder. Should I have another “main course” and, if so, what should it be? I was entertaining the idea of roasting a whole beef tenderloin, since my oven would be free if we’re doing the suckling pig outdoors. Does that sound like overkill? If I do prepare another dish, I’d kind of like it to be really simple and require little fussing, which is why I thought of the beef tenderloin.

I also was thinking that maybe I should have a supplement to the chocolate birthday cake and wondered if preparing flan is an arduous procedure. It seems like it would go along with the rest of the meal but I don’t want to go nuts. Or maybe something orange-y would be appropriate?

I’d really appreciate any advice/warnings/recipes you feel like passing along. Thanks - Dena

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