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Randal Cooper | Nov 5, 2005 04:42 PM

I thought I'd take a moment and post a note on a couple of newish places in town that haven't been mentioned in depth or at all on the board.

Old Venice Pizza Company: I suppose it's offically a chain, but it is a distinctly Southern Chain, and it has a number of items worth noting. The first is the crawfish rolls, which are amazing for something essentially Tabasco-flavored. Second is the 'shrooms pizza: Three types of mushrooms and pesto on a chewy crust. Excellent, and I don't actually like mushrooms that much. The pizza's pretty good otherwise; the closest comparison in town is Domino's, or rather what Domino's would be if it were actually something worthwhile instead of merely convenient.

I haven't tried the pastas, but they have a $7 lunch special which includes two slices of pizza (selection varies by day) and a caesar salad. Or a pasta version, which is probably fine, too.

Las Tortugas Mexican Deli: I've read a couple of things here and there about this (post by Tater earlier), and finally decided to make a mad dash on my lunch hour to try something. Wow. I had the Tortugas de Carnitas, and such a combination of textures(crispy, chewy bread, cool avocado, lettuce, melt-in-your mouth pork tips) and flavors (fresh veggies, savory, spicy green avocado-jalapeno sauce that may not have been intended for the sandwich but fit perfectly) was fantastic.

The place is nondescript from the outside: settled in a strip mall it's easy to overlook. That would be a shame, however.

One caveat: a sandwich (or tacos) and a drink will set you back eleven bucks, which isn't a whole lot but is a whole lot more expensive than the 5-6 dollars I'm accustomed to spending at lunchtime.

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